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Our customized solutions: from setup to continuous, seamless operational support

We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions for bioprocessing needs, ensuring optimal performance, reliability and user experience from initial consultation to ongoing operational excellence and support.

As a cutting-edge bioreactor manufacturer, our offerings include front-end process development, all-inclusive project execution, expansion assistance, and a centralized innovation center, tailored for bioproduction optimization.

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We offer a wide range of solutions…

Upstream engineering

Designing and adapting bioreactors for specific process requirements. This includes customization for specific cell lines, and integrating advanced control systems for optimal growth conditions and yields.

Turnkey projects

Providing complete, ready-to-use bioprocessing systems, including bioreactor design, system integration, installation, and validation, along with training and support for efficient bioproduction, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Scalability support

Solutions that allow for scale-up from benchtop to pilot- to full-scale production, ensuring consistency during the process.

Bioengineering Hub

Centralized platform for bioprocess development and optimization. Our Bioengineering Hub includes expert consultation, advanced bioreactor technology and data analytics tools for enhancing biomanufacturing efficiency and productivity across various biological products.

…and value-added services


Skilled technicians ensure seamless integration into your facility for optimal performance, right from the start.


Tailored training programs to empower your team to master the operation and management of our bioreactors.


Maximize the longevity and efficiency of your bioreactors with our proactive maintenance services.


Responsive online support ensures quick resolution to any technical issues.

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