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We have developed a one-of-a-kind innovation hub with partners, including Ontario Genomics, who have invested in bioreactors to be used in our dedicated 25,000-square-foot space within our facility to provide entrepreneurs and start-ups with access to laboratory space, pilot-plant bioreactors and, if needed, mentorship, to test and scale up their products..

Our facility offers a dynamic environment, providing shared labs and office spaces designed to nurture innovation and drive breakthroughs in the bioengineering sector. With a commitment to fostering creativity and accelerating growth, our Bioengineering Hub is the ideal launchpad for aspiring ventures.

Become part of the program and benefit from:

Premium infrastructure

Access top-notch laboratory facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and modern office spaces, providing the ideal environment for your life science projects. New, shared lab space, with separate desk workspace, and access to pilot-plant bioreactors, the necessary lab equipment, and required safety & logistics in place.

Collaborative ecosystem

Engage with a diverse community of entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry experts. Foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and build connections that can catalyze your success.

Scientific expertise at your fingertips

Gain a competitive edge by accessing support in process design, optimization, and troubleshooting from our team of scientists with decades of cell biology and upscaling experience. Whether you’re fine-tuning experimental protocols, optimizing production processes, or addressing unexpected challenges, our in-house experts are here to guide you.

Go-to-market support

Our Bioengineering Hub goes beyond providing physical infrastructure; we offer strategic guidance and resources to help transform your innovative ideas into market-ready products. Benefit from our range of support services, including mentorship programs, training opportunities, and business development resources.

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Explore the wide range of customization options for our fit-for-purpose bioreactors. Contact us to co-create a solution tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

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