About us

n!Biomachines develops and manufactures fit-for-purpose bioreactors for next-gen bioprocessing

Formerly known as The Cultivated B Canada, n!Biomachines is the answer to removing the bioreactor bottlenecks that currently prevent this emerging industry from scaling.

Enhanced usability, increased automation and optimized operational as well as equipment costs define a new generation of biomachines for benchtop, pilot- and industrial-scale bioprocessing without compromising production quality, safety and efficiency.

The mathematical term, ‘n!’, or n factorial, acknowledges the core of our mission: scalability and multiplication, with respect to our bioreactor capacity as well as bioprocessing opportunities for our customers. ‘Biomachines’ refers to the revolutionary redesign of our bioreactors to be useful across all industry sectors that want to step away from overengineered, overly complex equipment. The name n!Biomachines signifies our ambition to expand the applications of bioprocessing through affordable, sustainable and purpose-driven bioreactor design.

Our facilities

n!Biomachines is located in Burlington, Ontario and offers a unique combination of lab infrastructure and production of the required technology


At our manufacturing facility, we design and manufacture reactor systems, creating both standard parts and assemblies, but also integrating individual customer needs to match their fit-for-purpose demand.

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Bioengineering Hub

Together with strategic partners, we are growing a bioengineering hub for the cellular agriculture industry and beyond. By providing access to our biomachines, shared labs and office space, we aim to nurture innovation in the bioengineering sector.

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Our partners

Together with our international network of strategic partners, we are shaping the cellular agriculture industry and driving economic development forward within this field.