Next-gen bioreactor software

Intuitive design and remote access for seamless operation

Our bioreactor software delivers cutting-edge control and monitoring capabilities for bioprocessing.

Engineered for precision, efficiency, and scalability, it integrates seamlessly with existing procedures, offering real-time analytics, customizable workflows, and robust data management to enhance biomanufacturing outcomes.

Select from pre-programmed recipes and choose between direct or remote control of bioprocesses for efficient management of the bioreactor.

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Unparalleled convenience, flexibility and efficiency
for expert and non-expert users

User interface


Real-time, application-based, personalized user interface with web-based remote accessibility


Unparalleled convenience, flexibility and efficiency for expert and non-expert users to manage bioprocesses


Extremely complex processes can be run with the ease of a household device



Easy-to-select and edit pre-configured recipes for various host organisms


Build your own customized formula based on your chosen host organism (cells or microorganisms)

Maximum flexibility

Quick adaptation based on experimental conditions


Increased flexibility

Choose between direct or remote control of bioprocesses

Sustained monitoring

24/7 availability allows rapid intervention in the event of irregularities

Optimized workforce allocation

Eliminate the need for users to remain onsite by automating processes

User experience

3 configurations with increasing level of detail and complexity

(no scientific background, team lead, expert)


Pre-programmed recipes allow seamless operation for non-experts


Team leads adjust key parameters at desired levels (e.g., temperature, pH, oxygen)


Experts access collected data outside of the production cycle to refine and further enhance your individual process.

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