Introducing cutting-edge bioreactors with improved usability based on three major principles: modular design, ease of use and sustainability …

What really makes a difference?

Anyone can use it. Experience transformative technology that is designed based on three differentiating factors:


Modular Design

Following model-based systems engineering standards, our bioreactors are characterized by a unique modular design. The design allows the user to adopt the reactor for different purposes with a few simple moves. High flexibility makes our bioreactors perfectly suitable for academic institutions, R&D as well as companies from startup to corporate.


Ease of Use

We strongly believe that the success of cellular agriculture as an industrial domain depends on the available technology. By focussing on ease of use, we ensure that our bioreactors can be used not just by academics. We developed three different interfaces with increasing complexity for various user groups. From preprogrammed, one-touch processes to in-depth data access.



True sustainability is a real principle of our company and our products shall allow their users to act alike. We thereby focus on economic and ecologic aspects of our technology. Therefore, all our reactors are reusable, no matter what size. We designed them with a focus on energy-optimization and minimum electricity consumption to run.

Everything under control …

A control unit never been seen before. Comes with three different interfaces to ensure usability for various user groups.

TCB Control overview

Designed in line with your needs. The following features of our vessels perfectly compliment the control unit …

Flexible sizes

Laboratory scale

Providing the following commonly used sizes: 1L, 10L, 50L and 100L

Industrial size

Provide industrial production sizes in the range from 100L up to 25.000L based on request

Tailored equipment

Material & alloy

Stainless steel 316L allows for durability and sustainability (food and drug level)


Multiple DO, pH, temperature sensors, additional sensors upon request


Optimized for different organisms in line with shear stress of respective cell type

High-performance operation


Designed for highest possible energy efficiency


All sizes are autoclavable, large sizes (100L+) can be provided with SIP system upon request


Multi-use capability allows for optimized cost distribution

Look inside

We develop and produce advanced technology to make the future of nutrition and health an affordable reality.

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Category beyond:


Our photobioreactors provide ideal conditions to grow photoautotrophic organisms like microalgae. In order to increase flexibility, we especially focus on closed systems which allow controlled environments.

TCB Machines manufactures durable photobioreactors with superior light transmission for growing photoautotrophic organisms with maximal efficiency at any scale. All systems allow easy and fast cleaning to shorten downtime.

Our bioreactors and services are tailored to your needs:


As a large company, the challenges lie in industrial scalability while at the same time focusing on economic and ecologic key performance indicators. Our bioreactors for the industrial production scale are available on request and may be modified to your individual needs.

Startups and SMEs

By following model-based systems engineering standards, we make our bioreactors suitable for start-ups and smaller companies. We guarantee availability within six months to allow you to maintain speed. With a focus on affordability due to multi-use elements we keep an eye on your cost distribution.

R&D and academic

We know the need for flexibility when it comes to lab scale bioreactors. Our impellers are optimized for different organisms and are therefore adapt based on your use case. With all sizes being autoclavable we provide you with a sustainable, long-lasting product that optimally supports your work with highly precise elements.

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Explore the wide range of customization options for our fit-for-purpose bioreactors. Contact us to co-create a solution tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

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With a focus on maximized protein production  ...

... as they are essential to life.

We are inspired by nature ...

... to develop novel technologies and enable highly efficient production.

We have systematically analyzed every component of it ...

... even the smallest parts, to improve and customize existing technology.

With a strict focus on high quality and affordability ...

... rather than pure output we provide access to a technology that becomes disruptive for existing markets and will create new ones.

Soon ...

... a scalable production
of Cultivated Meat as
an alternative protein
source will become
reality and routine.

We develop and produce advanced technology to make the future of nutrition and health an affordable reality.