Fit-for-purpose biomachines

Affordable, easy-to-operate bioreactor systems for bioprocesses from benchtop to industrial-scale

n!Biomachines develops and manufactures fit-for-purpose bioreactors for next-gen bioprocessing. Our benchtop, pilot-scale and industrial-scale bioprocessing systems ensure high-quality, safe and efficient operations.

Unlike bioreactors designed for the pharmaceutical industry, n!Biomachines delivers easy-to-use and affordable bioreactors that are specifically conceived for different types of bioprocesses or host organisms.

n!Biomachines improves the commercial viability and scalability of bioprocesses, supporting innovations to enrich the food, supplement and cosmetics industries.

n!Biomachines overcomes growth barriers restricting various industry sectors by rapid manufacturing of fit-for-purpose bioreactors.

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What does fit-for-purpose mean?

Our AUXO V® bioreactors are designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of the biological process they are intended to support. Fit-for-purpose bioreactors expand the application of bioprocessing through purpose-driven, affordable, scalable and sustainable solutions.


Fit-for-purpose design allows for AUXO V® bioreactors to be optimized for specific biological processes, enhancing performance, yield, and product quality for a dedicated cell type or products, ensuring superior outcomes.


Our fit-for-purpose bioreactors are designed to meet specific needs without superfluous features, reducing costs in design, operation, and maintenance, making them more affordable for specific applications.


Our bioreactors can be tailored for easy scaling, allowing for efficient transition from research-scale to commercial-scale production, accommodating growing demand without sacrificing performance or quality.

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We develop and produce advanced technology to make the future of nutrition and health an affordable reality.

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Our bioreactors and services are tailored to your needs:


Our fit-for-purpose benchtop bioreactors are engineered for both seasoned researchers and pioneering scientists. Our bioreactors are tailored to empower bioprocessing innovation, allowing for seamless scalability and flexibility in various settings.

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Our bioreactors are suitable for companies of any size that would like to scale their bioprocessing capabilities. We guarantee affordability and availability of your applications, allowing you to maintain a fast pace of development/production.

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As a large company, a big challenge is achieving industrial scalability while focusing on economic and ecologic key performance indicators. Our bioreactors for industrial-scale production are available upon request and may be tailored to your company´s needs.

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User Friendly

Flexible and easy-to-use across different user experience levels



Enhanced modularity to fit desired cultivations (cell, microbial, algae)



Advanced automation and real-time monitoring (on-site and remote)



High customization and scalability from lab to industry (up to 25.000L)



Latest high-precision technology for peak operational performance



Focus on optimized operational costs and energy consumption

News and press releases

The Cultivated B receives Red Dot Design Award

The Cultivated B and n!Biomachines are honored to share that we’ve received the renowned Red Dot Design Award for our AUXO V bioreactor!The award recognizes products that have exceptionally high design quality, as determined by the Red Dot jury comprised of 39 experts from 20 countries on 4 continents. 

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Introducing n!Biomachines: Fit-For-Purpose Bioreactors Designed to Easily and Affordably Scale Cellular Agriculture

The Cultivated B (TCB) today announced the name change of its Canadian subsidiary, now embracing a broader mission. Formerly called The Cultivated B Canada and located in Burlington, Ontario, n!Biomachines (pronounced “n factorial biomachines”) is dedicated to fulfilling the commercial scalability and viability potential of industrial cellular agriculture technologies across a number of product categories.

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With a focus on maximized protein production  ...

... as they are essential to life.

We are inspired by nature ...

... to develop novel technologies and enable highly efficient production.

We have systematically analyzed every component of it ...

... even the smallest parts, to improve and customize existing technology.

With a strict focus on high quality and affordability ...

... rather than pure output we provide access to a technology that becomes disruptive for existing markets and will create new ones.

Soon ...

... a scalable production
of Cultivated Meat as
an alternative protein
source will become
reality and routine.

We develop and produce advanced technology to make the future of nutrition and health an affordable reality.